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Okay, Now I’m Pissed!

All this time I thought that Pizza Hut, Dominos and Papa Johns were making their pizza with 100% mozzarella cheese. I knew I didn’t like it as much as ours, but I didn’t know why.  I just found out that they are using “cheese” that has so much stuff in it they probably had to hire attorneys and marketing people to decide how to label it.

Dominos calls theirs “Pizza Cheese”. Hilarious.

Papa John’s says theirs is “100% real cheese MADE FROM mozzarella”.

And Pizza Hut says “We proudly serve only 100% real cheese MADE WITH whole milk mozzarella”.

Do they think we are stupid? Is their pepperoni 100% meat MADE WITH real pepperoni??

Go to their websites and check out the ingredients in their “cheese”. ALL of them include Modified Food Starch!  You want to know what Modified Food Starch is?  Check out what Wikipedia says it is.

“Modified Starch” – Wikipedia

One reason that some people put Modified Food Starch in their cheese is so they can freeze it. Frozen Cheese!  No wonder some crappy pizza places sell $5 pizzas (that add up to $40 when you add up all the extra charges).  They’re buying cheap cheese and freezing it in big warehouses until they need it.  It gives me the willies to think about pallets full of frozen cheese.  It’s a travesty.  I can’t say for sure that they put Modified Food Starch in their cheese product for this reason, but I will ask:


Toppers Pizza uses 100% Real Wisconsin Mozzarella Cheese, aged to perfection and never frozen.

I did not have to call an attorney or check with the marketing department to figure out how to say that so that it was legal and sounded right!

OK, now do the real test. I’m serious about this.  Eat a Toppers Pizza (order some Topperstix while you’re at it.  Throw in a coke and some wings too).  Oh, the stretchy, gooey, rich tasting cheese.  That’s 100% real mozzarella cheese made in the time honored way that produces that “pull” and the melting characteristics that pizza purists and pizza lovers demand.  That’s the cheese a customer was raving about to me 2 nights ago at our store in the South Loop of Chicago.  He said “What is it about your cheese that is so good?!”  Believe me, I told him.

Go ahead, eat a Domino’s Pizza. Just once.  You’ll see.  Just not the same.  They don’t put much “cheese” on, and what they do put on is funky.  Don’t take my word for it, do the test.

You get what you pay for. I’m prouder than ever of how we do it at Toppers.  We Respect Pizza, and so do our loyal customers.  We started Toppers 25 years ago with a simple idea:  Killer pizza focused on bold, innovative, and high quality toppings, delivered fast by friendly, passionate people.  25 years later, we are still delivering.  Never Settle!

Mozz afficianado,



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Scott Gittrich

Scott’s unwavering affection for pizza became a full-fledged love affair when he decided to drop out of college to focus on a career at Domino’s after only two weeks on the job. The gamble paid off as he worked his way up through the company’s system. He stayed focused on having a successful career in the restaurant industry and he decided to create a pizza concept, Toppers Pizza, which delivered unique, fresh food made from scratch that rivaled anything available. Pizza is the best food in the world, there’s nothing that’s as celebratory and fun as pizza. It brings people together like no other product on earth.